TPL Case Investigation and Recovery

Cases are processed through the Investigation department to confirm Third Party Liability or Work Comp potential, and to identify the various carriers, liable parties, and attorneys. Patients are contacted by mail and telephone and always in a non-threatening, sensitive manner to determine whether recovery can actually be pursued. Identified cases are then assigned to claims adjusters and/or staff attorneys for the filing of the appropriate liens, initiation of Claim in Intervention, etc.

MCA’s computer system schedules each case for timely follow-up, case management, settlement negotiations, trials, hearings, etc. All negotiations and settlements are handled by experienced and qualified claims personnel and/or staff attorneys, and all monies received are deposited into client trust accounts. Accounting, disbursements, and management reports are performed at the end of each month and are submitted by the 15th of the following month.

Recovery Networking
Information gathered regarding other payors or our clients' contracted providers having rights to recovery in specific cases is networked to in order to begin recovery processing for those parties as well. This recovery networking creates an added benefit that health plans and/or at-risk providers may pass on to their contracted providers as an enhancement to their bottomlines.