Service Benefits

MCA’s Third Party Liability service effectively pinpoints all types of recovery opportunities and tracks and monitors all aspects of associated settlements including auto liability, homeowner’s liability, workers compensation, and no-fault medical coverage. We understand that the effective recovery of third party liability is an integral part of any company’s receivables. MCA has a proven track record of quickly recovering outstanding debt without alienating patients.

MCA currently has active claims that represent more than 10 HMO plans with a total covered population of more than 3 million lives. MCA has also contracted with over 50 medical groups and IPAs representing over 5,000 physicians, as well as with 15 hospitals.

MCA maintains approximately 10,000 active cases in-house with as many as 300 to 500 new cases per month. Of these, MCA makes recovery on about 82% of assigned accounts.

MCA operates on a contingency fee basis. Rate quotes on request.