Collection Program Features

In-House Attorney Involvement
Critical to maximized recovery in today’s litigious marketplace, MCA employs a full time staff attorney as opposed to most agencies that retain outside counsel and pay additionally for each account brought to suit, making litigation expensive and always a last resort—often six months to a year before filing. Additionally, outside attorneys profit through the filing of a high volume of form complaints, with little or no incentive for inducing prompt payment. At MCA, staff attorneys act as legal counsel for collectors and direct all legal actions.

Financial Evaluation
Each debtor is thoroughly and quickly “triaged” to determine whether a case should be pursued by pinpointing ability to pay through verification or assets and/or income. Upon contacting debtors with ability to pay, a second screen is applied to determine whether a case is financially viable to pursue if litigation is indicated. By quickly screening financial viability at the outset and for cases that must be litigated, valuable time is not wasted on non-recoverable cases, which can then be promptly charged off clients’ books.

Judgment Enforcement
All paperwork meticulously prepared to ensure that judgments will be enforceable.