Collection Service Benefits

Skip Tracing Resources
MCA’s extensive skip tracing capabilities link every collector to all major national databases and directories accessed electronically and online as well as to state and local courts, law enforcement agencies, etc. in order to investigate cases promptly and completely.

Due to current economic conditions fast legal action is essential to maintaining the value of delinquent accounts, which devalue with the passage of time. In a typical agency, by the time legal action has begun (6 to 12 months), consumers have often relocated. Even after litigation begins, since retainer attorneys have received compensation up front, there is little incentive to move quickly. By contrast, MCA:

  • Actively works accounts the same day they are received.
  • Verifies assets and initiates litigation (where appropriate) in a timely fashion

No Collection, No Fee
MCA is so sure of its staff and systems that we assume all the risk. Working on a contingency basis, the only costs our clients incur are necessary filing fees and service of process—and all such costs would only be incurred upon written approval by the client.