Ongoing Program Enhancements

As a continuous pioneer in the research and development of new revenue enhancement programs for nearly thirty years, MCA is positioned to offer a proactive approach to ongoing solutions and enhancements to client recovery systems.

One specific example would be that MCA can currently provide clients with the ability to access their claims information online through the use of a remote terminal, a powerful client tracking tool. Another example would be that MCA works to implement client-specific expansions of identification systems, including comprehensive and coordinated patient-based ID systems at the site of contracted providers. This early claims detection can be used to provide TPL case identification information that will expedite and improve the identification and recovery process. Ongoing system improvements such as these will ensure the effectiveness of revenue recovery at all times. 

These and other features may not be provided by competing firms. This is especially true in the areas of MCA's overall industry experience; its specific expertise with California markets; its extensive networking and positive working relationships with local HMOs, providers, attorneys, and insurance adjusters; and its ability to continuously enhance client recovery systems--where MCA is uniquely positioned against its competition.