The MCA Difference

Easily the most experienced recovery specialist in the managed care industry, MCA’s staff of recovery specialists average over 20 years of experience working accounts on behalf of the health care industry, handling Workers Compensation, Insurance Recovery, Third Party Liability, and patient collections. MCA's proven track record with accounts is even more relevant in California considering MCA's extensive experience with the heath care, insurance, and legal communities in this state.

A Local Presence
MCA has an extremely high penetration into California markets, which assures that MCA is not only extremely knowledgeable in all areas of operations in California, including extensive experience with state laws and statutes pertaining to TPL/WC contracts and reimbursement, but has viable working relationships with all local HMOs, providers, and attorneys. This existing network is instrumental in accelerating the identification process as well as in achieving the full networking of all players on any given case, especially considering MCA's positive reputation and relationships with the legal community and insurance adjusters. These positive relationships extend, of course, to the patient members as well.

Responsive Communication
Never leaving clients in the dark about their accounts, MCA provides monthly or custom updates and progress reports, the ability for clients to set up remote terminals and log in to MCA's system to do ad hoc look ups as desired, and full access to recovery specialists and in-house counsel. There's always someone to talk to about any questions or issues and open access to account information.