WC Program Features

MCA's WC recovery program is comprehensive, following each case through from investigation and review to litigation at the WCAB, if necessary:

  1. Reviewing all cases for accuracy in filing and to determine the issues posed by Defense and to cure any defects that pose a barrier to recovery.
    • Determine Dates of Service, Date of Notice of Injury
    • Review Medical Reports
    • Review Billing for accuracy
    • Research denials regarding UR, MPN, Pre-Authorization,
      AOE/COE, etc.
    • Demand all Medical Reports, AME and QME evaluations, copies of Settlement Documents
    • Enter exhibits into evidence through EAMS, if applicable
  2. Researching current case information through EDEX
  3. Electronically filing liens through EAMS, if applicable
  4. Frame the issues, lay the foundation for recovery of liens
  5. Pursuing Recovery via Telephone and Correspondence
    • Telephone negotiation with Claims Examiner or Defense Attorney
    • Settlement Demand, Written Correspondence
    • Filing Declaration of Readiness to Proceed and requesting WCAB Lien Hearing
  6. Aggressively litigating at WCAB