WC Service Benefits

MCA's Workers Compensation program recognizes the importance of a live, experienced investigator following each case through the complexities of the WC system. Rather than pursuing an aggregate, statistical approach designed to cull out the lowest hanging fruit, MCA pursues every case to maximum reimbursement by:

  • Ensuring payments are made within prescribed time frames and within contract guidelines
  • Ensuring all costs are reimbursed, including those often overlooked such as those for medical devices and implants
  • Reviewing/pursuing all possible claims: denied claims, short pays, uninsured employers
  • Detecting possible errors in reimbursement
  • Pursuing penalties and interest if bills are not paid on a timely basis
  • Disputing factual case errors with the carrier and review companies
  • Negotiating all claims based upon the strength of the case
  • Filing appeals with review companies
  • Providing professional and aggressive litigation of unresolved liens
  • Making all necessary board appearances on your behalf
  • Assuring that bills are paid and billed correctly
  • Remaining current with WC regulations and requirements, proactively changing methods for maximum recovery